“I just got back from a fantastic event. Brilliant!”
“Where was it?”
“The Whitsundays. Had a ball!”
“What was the event about?”
“Sales. Usual stuff.”

The ‘usual stuff’. If that’s what your last event was like, chances are your event wasn’t as effective as it could have been.
Working with an event manager who understands that your event needs to deliver a significant Return on Investment is key to the event’s long term success.

The best event managers will find out from you what you need your event to do. Or, if you don’t know, they’ll help you define the need.
The best event managers will get to understand your business, your goals, your challenges and your people. Only then will they work with
you to make absolutely sure your event does what it MUST do: motivate, inspire, foster change and reinvigorate teamwork.
You know the business imperatives that should drive your next event: sales growth, reward and recognition, education, launching new ideas and products, seizing opportunities or making your existing resources sing like the sweetest choir.

After 25 years as an event professional I continue to hear the conversation I quoted at the top of this blog. Every week I see or hear about event companies delivering the most fantastic ‘usual stuff’.

An event is just a day off or a holiday if it’s memorable only because it’s an event.
The event business should be about one thing: business. Event managers must be more than social organisers. They need to be payoff strategists who understand results and deliver the right outcomes.
Drawing from their experience, event managers who are true professionals will not be afraid to tell you what can work, and what won’t. They’ll talk more about targets than canapés. And they’ll ask you what you want your event to achieve long after it’s over.

You see, an event shouldn’t just be an event – it should be an immersive campaign that resonates, and even amplifies, over time.
Event managers and their clients need to agree upfront on the risk/reward factor. The best event managers will be able to eliminate risks and maximise rewards.
Events need to engage audiences intellectually, emotionally and behaviourally. Delegates need to walk away from an event understanding and buying in to your messages and underlying strategies. Results must be measurable.

Working with your event manager, you have to apply the ‘outcome blowtorch’ to every element of your event. Together, you should ask this question of every decision you make: how will this impact on the desired results?

There are four other fundamental questions which should form the basic strategic blueprint for an outcomes-focused event:
• What does the audience already know?
• What is the desired strategic shift?
• How do we want the audience to feel?
• What are the behavioural changes and results that we can measure after the event?

The answers to these questions will help you deliver a powerful event that guarantees a lasting effect on your people and transfers back to your business.

The best event managers will work with you to create an event campaign that ensures your investment pays significant returns to your business into the future.

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