Symantec Sales Conference
CoEx convention centre in Seoul, Korea
Project Description

CLIENT: Symantec
EVENT: Sales Conference
VENUE: CoEx convention centre in Seoul< Korea

Where do you host a sales conference for 900 delegates from all over the Asia Pacific? What can you do to impress the delegates who have been used to attending global conferences? How do you motivate and stimulate a diverse audience from a variety of cultures?

You hold the conference in a city that offers all the facilities in one location. And you find a language that every delegate, no matter what their cultural background, can understand. And that language is music.

The Symantec APC Sales conference, held in the giant CoEx convention centre in Seoul, Korea used music as it’s unifying force to drive the communication. Verve Creative Events developed the theme “Accelerate the Momentum” and then commissioned the composition of a musical score that was recorded in a number of versions. This theme, both literally and figuratively, became the anthem of the conference.

It was introduced in the opening session with the use of rhythm. Each delegate was given a small drum branded with the conference logo. A troupe of percussionists then led the entire audience of 900 as they learnt the conference song together. In 20 minutes, the whole group was beating out the melody in unison. What a way to create unity instantly!

Throughout the rest of the event, during plenary sessions, breakouts and social gatherings, the theme music became part of the very fabric of the communication – driving home key messages.

Verve Creative Events’ role in this conference was to develop the communication, deliver the event from a technical perspective, design all the social events including a gala awards dinner, co ordinate an exhibition with over 80 sponsors and work with the client to deliver the event from a logistical perspective. Each conference session was recorded using multi cameras and highlights posted in a secure website within 2 hours of the conclusion of each session. A highlights video of the whole conference was also played as part of the closing session.

There is no doubt that each and every delegate returned to their home countries with a spring in their step, full of energy to “Accelerate the Momentum”

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