John Holland
Christmas Party
Project Description

CLIENT: John Holland
EVENT: Christmas Party
VENUE: Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre – 1,000 pax

Here’s how this event was pitched to the client:

Step into the magic of Bollywood and be immersed in an empowering energy that is at the heart India. Known for its spectacle and vibrance, a Bollywood theme will have you lost in a rainbow of colour and surrounded by a sea of fabrics that shimmer and sparkle as they flutter and catch the light. Expect flamboyance, expect elegance, expect beauty and passion and above all, entertainment.

Not only will the elaborate room fill you with the Bollywood spirit, but the entertainment will have your guests so engrossed and enthralled they won’t want to leave. Song and dance – the musical component – is what makes the Bollywood theme, and there will be an abundance of this on offer. Get lost in the sway of hips, the swish of skirts and the trilling, ringing and chiming of traditional Indian song.

You’ll soon find you’ll be dancing along with them. The energy of the night is sure to leave your guests buzzing, an energy that can be relived every time they reminisce about their taste of the tradition of Bollywood.

And that’s what the client received … and more!

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