Greenstone Sales Conference
Carriageworks Sydney
Project Description

CLIENT: Greenstone
EVENT: Sales Conference
VENUE: Carriageworks – Sydney

Performance vehicles are superbly engineered to deliver an exceptional experience to the driver … a great analogy to use when describing Greenstone Insurance products – designed specifically for the user so that the “driver” has a smooth experience.

We used the popular television series “Top Gear” as a template for the presentation.
With the clever use of a professional presenter, the performance car became the performance product!

The theme of the event was “Full Throttle”.

The audience was seated theatre style in a semi-circle facing a central presentation area. This space was dressed in a similar manner to the Top Gear set.

Using simple silver truss pieces, effective lighting and screens, automobile paraphernalia and a couple of prestige cars, the scene was set for a dynamic, engaging, at times humorous and informative presentation like the audience had never experienced before.

After a short introductory video that clearly set the scene, our host bounced on to the set to get the presentation underway. The “show” consisted of a number of segments each designed specifically around the information to be communicated.

Check out the video to see how the event unfolded

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