Case Construction
Skid Steer Launch and Sales Conference
Project Description

CLIENT: Case Construction
EVENT: Skid Steer Launch & Sales Conference
VENUE: A quarry on the Central Coast of NSW, 50 pax

40 construction equipment salesmen, 25 heavy machines, a semi remote location and a spectacular product launch – this was the challenge presented to Verve Creative Events. Delegates were transferred from Sydney airport to the NSW Central Coast for a three-day conference. All presentations and the launch were delivered in a remote rock quarry

The launch of a new skid steer range in the quarry was scheduled for the first night of the event – the first new products to be launched in a number of years. A team of over 30 staging experts, performers and pyrotechnicians were on site from 6.00am on Sunday to set up for the launch – including painting a 15 metre wide “screen” on a cliff. By 1730, the scene was set.

At 1800, as the delegate buses were at the gates, the heavens opened up with the heaviest rain seen in the area in a long time. What now?…In the blink of an eye the production team worked with the client to completely re-schedule the conference to allow for the product reveal to take place on the following night. Delegates were whisked away to the first of the offsite dinners. What was left in the quarry was a lot of mud and a very soggy production crew –
ready to do it all again the next night.

Monday morning dawned with bright blue, sunny skies. Delegates spent the day at the quarry engaging in hands on, practical sessions about the intricacies of wheel loaders, backhoes, dozers and graders. By 1530, the delegates had left the site to freshen up for the night’s activities.

The crew then rehearsed the reveal – lighting, video, audio, pyrotechnics, 7 skid steer drivers, and a motorbike stunt show all working together to create a beautifully choreographed performance of dancing machinery. Once again, the delegates entered the quarry as darkness fell.

What they witnessed was something none of them had ever experienced – an entire rock quarry was the stage for the performance of the reveal. A dramatic video was projected onto the “screen” on the rock wall, followed by an eruption of fireworks and coloured smoke. The 7 skid steers emerged from the smoke to the applause of the audience. They performed a short ‘stunt driving” demonstration before settling directly in front of the audience. Next, the motorbikes performed an amazing series of daring deeds – flips, loops and wheelies , all punctuated by blasts of fireworks.

The bikes then literally rode onto the buckets of the skid steer and were raised in the air as the entire product range moved back as if taking a bow to the audience- accompanied by the last spectacle – 30 giant fireworks lighting up the entire quarry.

As the launch went off with a bang- literally- applause erupted and the audience cheered as the products lit up on display.

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