Beam Suntory Leadership Conference
Sebel Kirkton Park
Project Description

CLIENT: Beam Suntory
EVENT: Leadership Conference
VENUE: Sebel Kirkton Park

This project resulted from a web enquiry. Beam Suntory had radically restructured its international regions. This was partly due to the recent acquisition of Jim Beam by Suntory Holdings.
This conference was designed with 2 objectives:
•  To align the international leadership team with the restructure.
•  To reinforce the values of leadership, particularly in the light of somewhat divergent leadership styles across a merged business with American and Japanese culture.

The challenge:
To create a 4 day conference that communicated difficult issues and concepts at both an emotional and an intellectual level to a multinational audience consisting of around 8 nationalities.

Verve Creative Events facilitated an atmosphere of robust creative debate and collaboration with the Beam Suntory Conference team.

The result:
A four day conference held at Sebel Kirkton Park in the Hunter Valley which incorporated a radical shift in the usual way corporate conferences are run. Every aspect that would influence the mood and attitude of delegates was considered

•  individual lighting states for different presentations to reflect the subject matter,
•  eclectic furniture,
•  innovative activities,
•  the injection of creative breakers into the schedule to allow delegates to literally take a breath and refocus.

The success of the event was summed up by a comment made by the Regional Director of International Region:
“Not only is this the best conference I have been to at Beam Suntory, it is the best conference I have ever been to!”

As a result, Verve Creative Events has been invited to pitch on several international events for Beam Suntory.

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