At Verve Creative Events, we create travel based incentive fulfilment.
We all know that incentives are a very powerful way to motivate individuals and teams and thus increase overall company growth.
In fact, recent research in the US amongst a group of sales based organisations that provide non-cash reward/recognition had an average corporate revenue increase of 9.6% versus just 3% for other organisations.

But many incentive programs focus on looking back.  They reward good performance without necessarily looking forward to motivate more spectacular results. The best incentive programs find a balance between looking back and looking forward.

Yes, we organise the logistics around taking your team to a great destination and showing them a good time.
But we also work with you to understand your organisation’s culture, the motivation drivers and the pain points within your business. We can then design an engaging communication program that inspires, motivates and excites. Importantly, that comms program has its very foundation in your company’s values – and in the process, can transform your team into a community.

Creating an incentive reward that pays dividends into the future, that looks forward and not back, means a applying a strategic approach to fulfilment. The program needs to be carefully designed to reinforce the sense of community, and it must have as its foundation your company’s values – so that each and every participant feels rewarded by not only the few days in paradise, but, more importantly by the increased engagement and sense of belonging.

That’s a powerful incentive that pays dividends!



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