More than buses, dinners and hotels.
Verve Creative Events is a Destination Management Company (DMC) specialising in the planning, design and implementation of events, tours, activities, transportation and program logistics across Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific region.

Your delegates’ experience is our priority – ensuring your event is the catalyst for business growth. So, what constitutes a successful program? The answer is simple – deep audience engagement.

And that is a very different skill from delivering the complex logistics of an event.  It requires a clear understanding of the objectives, the culture of the organisation, the mood and demographic of the audience and the operations of the business.  

Verve Creative Events is a Creative Destination Management Company.
It is about considering every phase of the audience’s interaction with the goals of the event -intellectually, physically and emotionally.

One of the ways to do this is to provide event production closely integrated with the logistics.  This means that rather than just choosing hotels and activities, our role is to combine every aspect of an event to enhance its overarching message. Every facet of an event, whether it’s the food, venues, hotels, theming, entertainment, transport, event production, MCs, is taken into consideration to make every moment, and every interaction, count.

So next time you’re looking for a Destination Management Company, ask them about how they can help you to truly engage your audience.



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