Does your event deliver ROI?

DOES YOUR EVENT DELIVER ROI?  “I just got back from a fantastic event. Brilliant!”“Where was it?”“The Whitsundays. Had a ball!”“What was the event about?”“Sales. Usual stuff.”The ‘usual stuff’. If that’s what your last event was like, chances are your event

Quick, Quick, Quick! I need an event tomorrow…

QUICK, QUICK, QUICK! I NEED AN EVENT TOMORROW… “We are launching a new game changing product and we want our people to get really excited about this new opportunity. We have a sales conference next week. Can you please find

The Age of the Event Manager is over…

The age of the event manager is over … The business events industry has changed forever. An event manager needs to be far more than a good organizer with a little black book full of contacts. In fact, I believe
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