The Age of the Event Manager is over…

The age of the event manager is over … The business events industry has changed forever. An event manager needs to be far more than a good organizer with a little black book full of contacts. In fact, I believe

Destination Management Companies make every moment count

Destination Management Companies make every moment count…  The ultimate driver for any company holding an event is to evaluate its return on investment (ROI). For events, that ROI is usually based on achieving business goals to sell more, to raise awareness, to increase market share or to reward and recognise achievement. Many businesses know that well-executed events are key to the delivery of these business

Is there a substitute for human interaction at events…and beyond?

IS THERE A SUBSTITUTE FOR HUMAN INTERACTION AT EVENTS…AND BEYOND? There’s lots of talk out there about disruptive technologies replacing events or at least making events less necessary. Technology cannot be a substitute for putting a group of people in

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